Would the Ultimate Tennis Showdown rules make tennis more popular?


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Would the Ultimate Tennis Showdown rules make tennis more popular?

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Published by Andy Magrath in Tennis News · 9 July 2020
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Would the 'Ultimate Tennis Showdown' rules make tennis more popular?

Tennis Competition Just Got Time and Fan Crazy!

I must admit I haven’t always been a fan of Patrick Mouratoglou especially with the recent US Open Serena-gate outburst over alleged coaching on court which he readily admitted.

But that aside, I really like his new competition proposals which new rules if taken on at the highest level could really bring the audience closer to the action and making tennis competition infinitely more exciting.

Mouratoglou feels that tennis is too slow overall and needs a makeover. Here’s how...

Don’t get me wrong I’m a tennis purist, I love the best of 5 or 3 set format but I also like jazzy new rules that will not only accelerate the speed of the game but also the excitement behind every point which should attract a whole new audience especially from younger fans.

Some of the new Mouratoglou proposed rules already mirror club fun competitions when time is an issue and a tie-break style scoring system is used for a quickfire points and results.

Whether you’re a fan of the proposed new system or not, it’s probably worth having a crack at your club. I’m going to!

Click here for the full rules and the full article at lobandsmash.com

But also imagine a top-class tennis match that has been split into 4 quarters of 10-minute quarters where each one acts as a set! I really think this format could really win more raving fans.

Take a look at the final of this great format ...

What do you think?

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