What to Look for when Scouting Opponents


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What to Look for when Scouting Opponents

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Published by Andy Magrath in Tennis Tactics · 18 June 2020
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What to Look for when Scouting Opponents

Whether you are a player or coach and whatever level you or your player plays at, it’s very important before a match to know just what you or your pupil is up against and what to expect.

What information would you want to extract from watching future opponents?
And more importantly, just how much information would a player want, or is able to take on board at any one time. An overload of information before a match can be just as debilitating as a lack of information.

Jamie Murray and his world renown coach, Louis Cayer, discuss this very topic. (Watch the video below)

When scouting future opponents, its normally common practice to analyse two key areas; the player’s strengths and weaknesses.

But these performance factors can only be analysed on tactics if of course the player opts to place them on display. This is a key area…

When scouting any opponent, it’s crucial to be aware of not just of what that player does, but what they don’t do tactically. For example;

? - Where don’t they serve to at certain points or indeed in general.
? - When don’t they hit down the line
? - In doubles, when doesn’t the net hunter intercept (poach)

Etc, etc...

Enjoy the chat between Jamie and Louis
Watch the video below or if you prefer click here to watch it on YouTube

Until next time.
Warmest best wishes,
Andy Magrath

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