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Course Notes for Tennis Coaches and Players
Independent Tennis Education from MTI

There are 2 forms of independent learning. Formal and informal.
Click on the link of the type you wish to view.

Formal Coach/Player Education

Informal Coach/Player Education

Andy Magrath

LTA note:
Formal: Where a coach has booked onto and taken part in a structured learning course/activity with defined learning outcomes (e.g. online eLearning and face to face workshops). Coaches can submit a reflection on their formal learning, along with a certificate of attendance. Subject to a satisfactory reflection, a coach will be awarded 1 CPD credit for each hour of CPD attended (with a maximum 12 credits per learning). E.g. A two hour online course can be submitted for two credits.

Informal: Where a coach has taken part in unstructured learning practice (e.g. a video lecture on ITF iCoach, a technical book relevant to coaching, a peer-reviewed research article). Subject to satisfactory reflection, a coach will be awarded one CPD credit per informal CPD activity. E.g. Watching a two hour technical coaching video. You will receive one CPD credit for the reflection of that activity and how it will impact your coaching practice.

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