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Although chiropractors have numerous attributes of primary health care providers, chiropractic care has numerous features of a professional medical area of expertise like the field of dentistry or podiatry. …Chiropractic doctors, especially in The united states, have got a good reputation for needlessly treating sufferers. Maintained chiropractic care is endorsed as a preventative tool but …Spinal adjustment, which chiropractors call Inchvertebrae adjustment” or “chiropractic realignmentInch, is easily the most typical therapy used in chiropractic care in the U.S. …Nevertheless, in order to legally practice, chiropractors, like all self governed health care professionals, have to be licensed. All Chiropractic Examining Board requires …A Chiropractor, according to the Association of Chiropractic Colleges, … perform surgical procedures, although they do refer patients for these services if they are …A chiropractor performs an adjustment on a patient. … “Coverage of chiropractic services is specifically limited to manual manipulation of the spine to correct a …The evidence based chiropractor would most closely align with the AACP.” … NACM entitled “NACM and its argument with mainstream chiropractic health care . …… 10 co-defendants by chiropractor Chester A. Wilk, DC, and four co-plaintiffs. … The court recognized a “patient care defense,” but imposed a difficult burden. …Practicing medicine without a license led to many chiropractors, including D.D. Palmer, being jailed. In 1906 … [edit] Health care at the time chiropractic began …Chiropractors along with medical doctors, dentists, psychologists, and … project at St. Michael’s Hospital, Integrating Chiropractic Health Care in a Primary Care, …