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The MTI Learning Retention Tool
A 55% Affiliate Commission Tool for Tennis Coaches

The MTI 'Players Diploma' employs all the learning methods listed…
These are the simple steps your players have to take…

  1. Before the lesson the Coach instructs the players to watch a relevant ‘Players Diploma’ Online Video Lesson.

  2. The Player watches the video, absorbs the teaching points and answers all the questions relating to the video lesson.

  3. The Player returns to the coach and demonstrates what they have learned. The Coach helps to guide the player to the correct answer.

  4. The Player is encouraged to teach what they have learned to fellow students, again with the guidance of the coach.

This is DEEP Learning.

The learning retention is so much greater this way because the player has discovered for themselves the correct way to implement the skill.

The player has involved all of the learning bases shown in the diagram above. They’re learning to solve problems themselves and even resolve difficulties others are having too.

This is a Revolutionary way to teach your students!

Why does it work?

It works because you allow the players to discover the skills themselves… rather than tell them what they need to do.

In essence the teaching point becomes their idea and we all know that most people prefer to follow their own ideas. The teaching point is deeply ingrained with the expert guidance of coach.

The ‘Players Diploma’
The Best Tennis Coaches Affiliate Tool on the market!

This tool will give instant 55% commission payments to tennis coaches who sign up and apply this to their programs.

This will enable the coach to substantially increase the following:

    • the learning retention of their players
    • their passive income
    • their reputation and results
    • job satisfaction

This is an estimation of what can be earned passively through the Tennis Coaches affiliate scheme.

The MTI Players Diploma helps the players in simple short step by step progressive online video lessons.

Every video has a series of multiple choice questions relating to the teaching points in each video.

The player can watch the video, answer the questions, get feedback (if they need it) about their answers from the online MTI experts, then return to the training court with their coach to demonstrate what they have learned.

The Diploma is suitable for kids aged 8 and above to adults of all ages and standards.

The Diploma has 31 online video lessons covering every aspect of the modern techniques of tennis from beginner to advanced teaching.

The 'Players Diploma' has been split in 2 parts.

Step 1 - Confidence and Control - For Beginner Players to Intermediates

Step 2 - Adding the Pros Power - For Intermediates to Advanced Players

And once all the questions to the online videos have been answered correctly the players are automatically sent their own MTI Diploma's.

PLEASE NOTE: We are not advocating that a skill is deeply learned because the questions have been answered correctly. That decision is between the player and their coach.

CLICK HERE If you are interested in earning passively a 55% commission whilst helping your players learning retention!

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2016-02-26 09:00:00
What an interesting idea. I should think this would work with all students.
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