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"Tennis is too hard a sport to learn!"

This week I met 2 people who made comparable statements about tennis to me…
"I tried tennis … but found it to be the hardest most frustrating sport to learn and eventually had to give it up!"
This really frustrates me

because tennis is a simple game to learn if its taught the right way!
(If you don't believe me scroll down and watch the short 2 minute video below)

These people were sportsmen for goodness sake!
They played other sports and played them well!
One was a golf pro! (GOLF a fantastic game of timing… not dissimilar to tennis… now that is a frustrating game!)
Quite simply these guys were right!
If 2 people try to play without any training then tennis is a really hard game to play.
In most cases it ends up in a game we call ‘sorry’!
HOWEVER… it doesn’t have to be so hard!
In fact it can be one of the easiest sports to learn!
So why isn’t everyone playing this wonderful game?
Why hasn’t it taken off as one of the most popular sports?
It’s because…
"Tennis is too hard a sport to teach in schools!"
And that’s absolutely true… with most, if not nearly all teaching systems!
Tennis is not taught in most schools mostly because teachers find it too hard to teach or play... so other sports get chosen in preference like rounders!
We’ve all seen it… the one day ‘try tennis’ initiatives in schools and parks normally around Wimbledon time…
Let’s get the kids’ whacking a sponge ball over a mini net and then the coach says "Hey look you can play tennis… have a diploma!"
"SURE they can!"
Next day they go onto a court with their mates, start whacking the ball around and have another game of ‘sorry’!
Tennis is just too tough for me they say!
Huge opportunity wasted and the tennis experiment is over… usually for life!

  • We at MTI say learn it properly and learn it quickly!

  • Get the fundamentals right early on.

  • Enjoy success immediately with control of the ball by hitting with spin leading to real confidence so that tennis is a game they CAN REALLY PLAY.

  • Tennis is not a horizontal game… its vertical!

  • Right from the get go…players must learn to hit up on the ball so it comes down into the court with spin!

FACT: School teachers are not confident to teach tennis in lessons no matter how much money is thrown into resources and training by governing bodies!

So something’s wrong!

The MTI Method absolutely solves this problem!

Very recently our MTI Method Coach Education Course "Confidence and Control" was given an LTA Quality Assurance assessment.

The LTA assessor a former school teacher (not a tennis coach) thinks that our course should be rolled out nationally!

He added that he was not tennis coach but could easily teach classes in schools using our method.

Watch the video below of how a teacher with just one hour’s prior training coped successfully with a class of 30 children using the MTI Method…

The MTI Method makes learning and teaching tennis really easy.

It allows new players to understand the fundamentals of tennis really quickly without them realising they’re doing it.

New players enjoy huge success that is technically correct and have great fun at an early stage…

…this is crucial to keeping them in the game!

And the beauty is… it doesn’t have to be done with expensive mini tennis equipment either!

If the 2 guys I met last week had learned tennis this way at school…

… I am certain they would still be playing today.

And I am also sure their siblings would be playing the game too.

Imagine how the game would grow!

If you want to grow the game of tennis…

Teach with the MTI Method!

You can learn the MTI Method easily in different ways by:

Just take a look at our website to find the best way for you to learn the MTI Method!

Conventional methods of teaching take too long for the tennis bug to take hold… TRY THE MTI METHOD… IT’S QUICK AND IT REALLY WORKS!

"We’ve got to get it into people’s heads that tennis is an easy game to learn for everyone and then we can watch this great game grow!"

The MTI Method in Schools

"Proving that tennis is NOT a hard sport to teach or learn!"


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"So easy to teach tennis this way!" Simon Grassi


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Julian Squierrs
2014-10-09 16:59:54
Agree with much of this. Fine balance between getting kids playing and learning correctly to maximize long term progression. Feel that I use a lot of MTI methods having studied the vids but add my own personal favorite tips. Our players generally come through our mini tennis system to play good yellow ball tennis but mini tennis is a means to an end not an end in itself. I may have a potential 8 and under county champion with me but I'd rather he was an under 18 and adult champion who I could look back on and say I gave him a love for the game and helped him develop correctly.
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