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Volume 1 - Confidence and Control.

Whatever level of player you are, you need to feel that you are confident and in control of every shot you hit.

This DVD shows you how to hit with confidence and control in an extraordinarily rapid way.

MTI have simplified the whole process of improving tennis by concentrating on teaching the fundamentals unique to this method and breaking down each stroke into easy to follow bite size chunks.

Learning tennis this way allows you to discover each step deeply so that your improvement sticks and your confidence grows.

When showcasing this method on court to the board of directors at the largest indoor chain of tennis clubs in Europe (The David Lloyd Clubs), one manager commented after seeing so many players improve so quickly – "It’s like turning water into wine!"

The most common response to this method by other tennis coaches is "Why didn’t I know this before!"

Volume 2 - Add the Pros Power

If you watch the likes of Roger Federer, Serena Williams, Andy Murray or any of the top tennis pros in the modern era you will notice that on nearly every shot they move up on the ball.

This helps them create more power and more rotational speed on the ball. This is called ‘vertical power’.

In this DVD you will learn how to add power to every shot using techniques that have been likened to martial arts.

Every step of the way is broken down into bite size chunks and improvement happens quickly and deeply.

You will learn to attack the ball in positions that you may have defended before. In a simple step by step method you’ll discover how to aggressively hit those high bouncing balls on both your forehand and backhand (even if you have a one handed backhand).  

You’ll find out just how easy it is to crush those drive volleys, slam dunk those smashes and return big serves with venom.

This DVD is the natural follow on from the Volume 1 - Confidence and Control DVD.

It covers every shot and spin including; the serve,  the return, the forehand, the backhand, the volleys, the forehand and backhand smash, approach shots, drop shots, lobs, drive volleys, slices and more.  
It takes you through the MTI fundamentals unique to this method and shows you how easily you can add power to your game.

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