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About MTI

The 'MTI Method' is the quickest and most effective way of learning how to play your best tennis.

It's different from traditional coaching methods, it allows players to discover the correct way without the usual complicated technical jargon...

Take a look at this short video to find out how you can enjoy this method too...

If you want fast, long lasting improvement then you must look at this method whether your a player or a coach.

It has had many seasoned pros and coaches in wonder at its simplicity to apply and its results...

The MTI Method



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The Russian Revolution... (The russians use a system very similar to MTI Method)

One of these satisfied customers was Tatiana Matokhniuk (pictured here).

She was former coach to former world number 3 player; Nadia Petrova and Marcos Baghdatis.

When Tatiana saw our programme, she said; "But this is how we teach in Russia.

Surely doesn’t everyone teach this way?"

When she heard our answer, Tatiana just blew a fuse.

"What! This is ridiculous! No wonder we produce players and you don’t! You must insist this is the best way"

She then pointed to the course attendees all playing with their non-dominant hand to imitate beginner players.

"You see, I can see beginners improve before my eyes. This method is amazing." 

Tatiana Matokhniuk former tour player now a top coach

The David Lloyd Clubs joined the MTI revolution too... by using the MTI Method in all their clubs

When he saw our method, Ross Matheson (pictured with John Littleford of MTI) who was the Head UK Racquet Manager of David Lloyd Clubs; the largest leisure chain in Europe, asked us to train his massive team of pros.

Ross saw this as a fast track method of teaching beginners to play tennis which of course it does.

Ross played Wimbledon and all the grand slams many times but didn't quite make the big time like so many British players.

He says of the system....

"If I had learned to play tennis this way who knows what success I could have had. Everytime I pick a racquet up now I feel I can play my best stuff!"

Ross describes MTI as the best in the business which is quite an accolade coming from the head of the biggest chain of tennis clubs in the world.

MTI were appointed by the David Lloyd Clubs to develop:

  • the Fast Track programme, a 6 week free course for new players,

  • the 12 week On-Track programme (for players to consolidate their improvement)

  • and then the natural next step for the players the 12 week Power Track programme (adding power to their games).

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