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WAIT! Before you book your course! Think about this...

You can save yourself a lot of money by joining the MTI Gold Membership.

If you need your yearly LTA Coach credits then do the maths...
    • 3 courses can cost you £177
    • MTI Gold Membership is £127 and gives you 3 free courses a year... plus a whole lot more
    • This saves you £50 on courses straight away!
    • However you also get a 10% discount off the high quality tennis balls and equipment in our online shop... this discount makes our equipment amongst the best value available online
    • Plus you get Free annual TENNISiPro membership worth £59.88
      TENNISiPro is a step by step tactical practice planner with videos for doubles & singles for all levels of tennis player. This is an amazing tool that will help you build a preferred tactical game for anyone you teach
    • Plus Free access to the The MTI Coaching Pack worth £97
      Just imagine handing every student you teach (whether in a group or individual lesson),  a progress sheet of the step by step goals they need to improve their tennis. Then having a series of step by step lesson plans to help you to help your player achieve these goals on their progress sheets.
    • More Free access to The MTI Online Diploma worth £55
      Qualify as an MTI Method Coach - This deep learning course will show you how to teach tennis using the MTI Method. The MTI Method is an accelerated way of teaching tennis. It helps new players to enjoy the game in double quick time.
    • These bonuses alone add up to £211.88!!!
    • If you add the course costs of £177 to the bonus costs £211.88, the MTI Gold Membership is worth £388.88, but it yours for just £127!
    • Join here...
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