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Terms and Conditions of Website
The website is owned and copyrighted entirely by Modern Tennis International (MTI) limited.
The following terms and conditions are those set out by MTI.

Website Usage and Content
The purpose of this website is to offer solely content in connection with and suitable for the business of tennis education. Additionally this site must not be used for any illicit or criminal activities, practices or purposes nor shall the names TennisiPro, MTI, or Modern Tennis International be used in any connection with criminal activities or in any other context that will breach copyright laws. Any user found in breach of these conditions will be removed from access and in extreme circumstances will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
All website material is owned and copyrighted by Modern Tennis International Limited. The material must not be downloaded copied or photographed without the permission of MTI. Any user found to breach such will be prosecuted.

Your data
MTI will use your personal data, including sensitive personal data, for coach education purposes only and to send you, by post, email or SMS, information related to coach education. For further details, please contact us. To help us continue to develop your coaching career and our development of market leading courses, unless you have opted out during the application process, MTI may:
    • Add your name and contact details to its secure database so that you will receive our periodic coach education newsletters and other relevant promotional material.
    • Phone you or send you information about other courses and products and about offers from carefully selected third parties, by post, email or SMS.
    • Pass your contact details to carefully selected third parties and partners so that they can send you by post or email details of their products and services.
Terms and Conditions of Online Memberships
Once access to has been purchased or been auto renewed  the applicant will have up to 30 days max. to request a refund. Members who remain on an auto renewal membership have the sole responsibility to switch off their auto renewal system. They can ask MTI to assist them with this.
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